AIPO Verona, Associazione Interregionale Produttori Olivicoli

AIPO Verona, Interregional Association of Olive Oil Producers

TasterPlace has started a collaboration with AIPO Verona, (The Interregional Association of Olive Oil Producers), providing new students and associated EVOO producers with TasterPlace's Aromas- Extra Virgin Olive Oil collection.

For nearly 40 years AIPO has been supporting regional EVOO producers in all technical, production and business aspects, and it was one of the developmental motors which elevated the quality of EVOO to the level of excellence. It became the most important association in this sector in the regions of Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and has since become one of the most important associations of its kind throughout all of Italy (the single country with the highest number of olive cultivars in the world). More than 5,000 EVOO producers are members of AIPO, and the Association has trained more than 250 Professional Olive Oil Tasters.   

Why is the olfactory sense important? "The sense of smell is the foremost instrument we have to taste a product. In the case of EVOO this is particularly important for producers, for tasters of all levels, and for the panels that evaluate olive oil for the Extra Virgin specification. Indeed, olive oil has to pass a sensory evaluation which reveals zero defects from an organoleptic point of view, in order to be awarded the title Extra Virgin."

Why TasterPlace? We are all in possession of a good olfactory sense, but it needs to be trained and that takes time. In the beginning it can be frustrating to smell and taste oil due to the difficult nature of properly identifying different scents. "TasterPlace's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Aroma collection has proven a very useful tool, and it is requested by new tasters, who use it to train their sense of smell after lessons, as well as by producers who keep it in their factories to explain to visitors the particular aromas that can be detected in their oils. The collection includes positively-attributed aromas and a handful of smells which are considered defects that should not be found in oils".  

"The TasterPlace EVOO Aroma collection is a new method, both useful and fun, to learn about the culture of EVOO (a very healthy and delicious product, but not yet well-understood by the larger part of consumers who in turn confuse it on a regular basis with oils of an inferior quality)." 

If you are interested in signing-up for a tasting or oil- production course, click here  to discover more about AIPO Verona.