Italian Sommelier Association (AIS Veneto)

The Italian Sommelier Association (AIS Veneto)

The collaboration between TasterPlace and the Italian Sommelier Association was born from the knowledge that the olfactory sense can be trained. The olfactory sense is fundamental to wine tasting and pairing and TasterPlace provides a user-friendly tool to the taster and sommelier in training.

The association's President, Marco Aldegheri, explains "The exclusive collection of essences created by TasterPlace for our association was conceived as a tool for our new students who are approaching the enological world for the first time, to use to train their sense of smell at home, and thus benefit from being able to recognize some important, basic scents. A selection of aromas this reduced, while certainly not representative of the vast number of aromas documented in wines, is, however, a first step towards educating the olfactory sense in order to ultimately be able to appreciate the infinite olfactory layers of a good wine."

It is an easy and enjoyable way to begin to educate the nose. A wine in the tasting glass, the instruction of an expert and a lot of training, will complete the educative experience.